Bringing Comfort and Joy to the Elderly

In October 2013, Perennial Cares brought comfort and joy to more than 70 senior citizens abandoned by their families who reside at Missionaries of Charity in Manila, Philippines. The mission is managed by the Sisters of the Missionaries of Charity, an organization founded by Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India. They have two charitable facilities – one that helps orphans and another that helps senior citizens.

Perennial Cares felt a profound sense of delight when we met with the seniors. They were happy to have our attention as they shared their life stories with us. We learned about their challenges of loneliness, having poor health, or no one else to turn to for support – whatever the reason, prolonged isolation is one of the greatest challenges faced by thousands of elderly living in the Philippines today.


“We only have one life to live and not everybody gets the chance to have it. We choose to make our lives more fulfilling by sharing a piece of our lives with others.”