Lifting Up with Willing Hearts and Hands of Help

Perennial Cares is dedicated to help the fight against hunger. The problem has never been more critical than what it is today. As the economic situation continues to sway in uncertainty, many low‐income communities in the Philippines are finding it harder to feed their families.

Perennial Cares recently reached out to a small community in Camarin, Caloocan, and handed-out meals to more than 200 kids.   The small community is considered to be a depressed area and one of the hard‐to‐reach places in Manila so organizations rarely visit the community. The Perennial Cares Team, with the help of other volunteers, distributed the lunch meals and snacks. After lunch, the Perennial Cares Team organized a game for the kids. It wasn’t really difficult getting the kids engaged because they were so energetic and excited. The kids had so much fun! Our hearts were filled with joy knowing that we brought smiles to such a large group of kids. Perennial Cares is happy we have offered a unique and simple way to fight hunger.